Working together more effectively

Greater efficiency, greater insight

Strategic collaboration

Every team is able to set up and organise its own projects. Assigning tasks and deadlines is child’s play.  As a result, your team members can work together efficiently. More importantly still. Protime 360° blows apart the silo effect and allows external stakeholders also to be involved within projects and tasks.



At any moment it is clear who is responsible for what. All details about projects and tasks are only a mouse click away. Using dashboards, the visual status of projects allows you to quickly take action wherever you need to.  As a result, the search for information is not dependent on the availability of project members.


Communication within the team

The disadvantage of working in teams is losing decisions in an endless stream of communication.  Protime 360° structures all communication without any added difficulty.



Customers use Protime 360° to develop their Kanban and Scrum projects. In this way, they stimulate an agile and lean culture within their organisations.