Projects & Tasks

Team collaboration is now simple

Integral role

As a team leader, you have an integral role. You monitor the organisation’s strategic objectives and at the same time you know exactly what has already been achieved. But how can you organise all this?


Project management

With Protime 360°, you can create and manage projects together with your team members. This enables you to know precisely who is responsible for each task without losing sight of the big picture. When an employee asks a question in Protime 360°, you can easily provide them with an answer thanks to the email integration. All your emailed answers will be safely stored in the correct project.

In addition, all communication occurs via centrally managed projects, so all information can be quickly consulted.


External expertise

You can also easily invite external guests (within or outside of the organisation) to collaborate on projects. You can choose to share specific tasks. Everything is fully integrated. If someone leaves the team it’s not a problem since all the information is centrally available instead of being than hidden in individual inboxes.



Thanks to the clear, visual overview in the dashboards, you can focus on the projects that need extra attention. In a company culture that prioritises entrepreneurship, this approach helps to curb micromanagement. With the right insights, you can evolve into a coach who supports autonomous team members in achieving results.

Are you a manager or a coach?