create your own team dashboards

Managing objectives

As a team leader, you want to know exactly what your team members are working on and if the objectives are being achieved. Protime 360° gives you an immediate, clear and simple overview, which enables you to more effectively intervene, make adjustments and give feedback.


Breaking down silos

In Protime 360°, you create dashboards in order to follow your team, which is ideal if your employees are members of other project teams.  You are always just a few clicks away from going deeper into the details of a project. Your team can work autonomously and you, the team leader, never lose sight of the big picture.


Team leaders as coaches

In 2006, Harvard Business School already detected the need for continual feedback instead of annual performance reviews. Evaluation no longer has to be an irritating and unsubstantial snapshot. With Protime 360°, the feedback process between team members and coaches becomes continual and natural.