Turn your annual performance reviews into continual coaching

Continual evaluation

How do you keep track of team members if remote working and flexible hours are becoming the norm? How do you coach without micromanaging?

Protime 360° enables you to coach team members in their long term objectives on a daily basis. You can monitor the objectives through projects and dashboards. But you can also add another dimension to your coaching by creating a coaching project for each team member. Here you can have direct discussions with each team member in a private environment.


Contributions are transparent

Add personal objectives to each of these projects. This useful feature enables you to store the topics you discussed and the decisions you made during each coaching session.  If your team member has collaborated with other managers, you can also request feedback from these other team leaders.

Evaluation becomes a continual process during which objectives are regularly evaluated. Performance reviews therefore cease to be an irritating obligation. Employee contributions become transparent and you enable employees to respond more quickly to potential problems.