A clear overview of your team

Who is doing what?

Coaching a team is a complicated matter.  Your people are working more autonomously, at different locations and in overlapping teams.  That is why quick access to the right analytical data is extremely important.  Protime 360° provides you with many possibilities.


Quickly gain updates

Would you like to briefly review recent comments, documents and changes before a meeting? The history gives you the latest updates on a project. Everything is organised in chronological order. All project members have access to the same information online.


Time is money

Your team has the option to record how much time they have spent. There are also lots of reporting options available  where you can select the criteria (the time period, labels, people, milestones etc.) you want to include. Creating a transparent online report has now become child’s play.


Exporting reports

If you want to export data, Protime 360° will quickly generate a detailed Excel file for you. Then you can make use of external pivot tables.