Projects & Tasks

Give autonomy but maintain an overview

Results driven

It’s impossible for managers to know every single detail of each project. Allow your employees to organise their own work and collaborate with others in full autonomy. Each project’s progress is displayed in a simple graphic representation, which enables you to make quick decisions about which projects or objectives need your attention. When you zoom in on a project, you immediately gain an overview of all of the completed and ongoing tasks. Then you can focus your coaching on the real pain points.



Thanks to the intuitive dashboards, you never lose sight of the big picture. With the Protime 360° projects, teams can organise their work. Team members also gain an insight into their individual progress, which increases engagement and in turn stimulates intrapreneurship.  As a manager, you can quickly intervene and steer individual tasks in the right direction. Assigning or making tasks available can be done in an instant.



90% of our users organise meetings within their projects. Team and management meetings, in particular, lend themselves well to clear organisation. Not only can everyone monitor the agenda more easily, there’s also no need to send the minutes after the meeting since they are safely stored online.  You can immediately assign the action points to the right people.