The status of corporate objectives at a glance


40% to 60% of strategic corporate objectives fail during the implementation phase (Strategy Execution Barometer™) .  A lack of transparency is considered one of the major reasons for this. You’re left asking questions such as: “What are everyone’s objectives?”, “What is each person responsible for?” and “What is the current status?”. Protime 360° provides a simple and clear system that you can manage yourself.
You can create your own dashboards that provide you with a general overview. You can stay in control while allowing your teams to work on objectives and projects in full autonomy.


Efficient communication

If you want to know more, you can explore the details. You can communicate with others within objectives, projects and even individual tasks. In contrast to email, all the information and correspondence is available in one centralised location, even if your employees leave the company. This makes it easy for new project teams to take over from previous project teams.

“Efficiency” and “transparency” are no longer just hollow buzz words. Now everyone knows exactly which strategic goals they are working on and each person can work autonomously without losing sight of the big picture.
This keeps everyone on track!