Indigo Park

A new partnership dimension
Indigo Park Luxembourg s.a.

Since VINCI Park became Indigo Park on the 5th November 2015 it is aiming resolutely to the future by collaborating on new mobility solutions. Indigo Park’s new promise,“Making space for the future”, arises from the wish to offer more than just a parking space. Indigo Park wants to offer individuals more benefits from their movements by connecting them in ever more intelligent ways with their surroundings.

 Jonathan Da Silva, director of human resources and communication

Why Protime?


  • Implement and share the new management strategy of the group and the objectives for 2020
  • Enhance communication between departments
  • Optimising the checking of working hours with a view to calculating the salaries
  • Simplifying the payroll process


  • Lack of communication between the eighteen departments
  • Too little overview of current projects
  • Reporting to headquarters in France was not optimal
  • Too many email exchanges
  • Varying hourly rosters and specific rules, so processing salaries took up nearly 10 days

Solutions applied?

Indigo Park Luxembourg has chosen Protime 360° to promote the new strategic objectives throughout the whole organisation. This solution means that the objectives of the company, the objectives of the team and the personal objectives are a perfect match. Everyone is up to date at every moment. 

Since a number of years Indigo Park Luxembourg uses Protime Premium for the time registration, the planning of staff and the management of HR services.

Jonathan Da Silva, director human resources and communication
Jonathan Da Silva, director human resources and communication

Optimised time management

Indigo park is the market leader in the European parking sector and has new international ambitions. The company employs 15,000 people in 14 countries and more than 500 cities. In Luxembourg, 76 employees manage various underground and overground parking facilities, plus many parking spaces along public roads.

“Since the start of the 21st century it has been our intention to optimise the time management between our teams, both in the area of team planning as in the area of organisation of the human resources department,” Jonathan Da Silva testifies. As director of human resources and communication, he has the onerous task of guaranteeing the supervision of all employees. In this way Indigo Park can offer the client, who parks his car in one of the parking facilities of Indigo Park, a top quality service.


All tools simplify our daily work and improve our efficiency
Jonathan Da Silva, director HR and communication

New collaborative requirements

“Today, because of our excellent collaboration, we are still managing to optimise certain processes and gain time, while we have a more global, reliable and precise overview of our teams,” testifies Jonathan Da Silva, director of human resources and communication at Indigo Park in Luxembourg. Because Indigo Park is being confronted with new collaborative requirements, it calls on the Protime 360° solutions to implement and follow up the company’s new strategy.

Indigo Street Parking

Share strategic objectives

In 2014 Indigo Park Luxembourg decided that its structure needed reorganising and clarifying, but also that communication between the different departments could do with improvement.  “Up till now, we exchanged too many emails. This method of communicating does however not offer a transparent and clear overview of all current projects and of the more punctual and precise tasks,” Mr Da Silva continues. “On the other hand the Indigo Group has developed new objectives in the management area, which should be achieved by 2020. In this way we want to meet the challenges of today in the area of mobility

Our board, which is based in France, can keep track of the progress of various projects from a distance.   During conference calls everyone has access to the same information”, explains Jonathan Da Silva. “WE have been able to convince the directors and the teams about the importance of Protime very quickly. I have personally seen to it that the new internal HR software, that will be implemented across the whole group in 2016, is also compatible with the Protime solutions and interface”, Jonathan Da Silva tells us.


We can optimise certain processes and gain time while we get a more global, reliable and precise overview of our teams.
Jonathan Da Silva, director HR and communication

Regain 4 to 5 days

For some years Indigo Park Luxembourg has relied on Protime Premium for the registration of working hours, the planning of the personnel and the management of the HR services. Thanks to the extensive package of solutions offered and developed by Protime, Indigo Park is able to continually optimise certain processes that directly relate to the management of personnel. “We recently managed to improve the process for the finalising of the monthly payroll. While we previously completed this process around the 10th of the month, we can now regain 4 to 5 days, Jonathan Da Silva clarifies.

“We are winning quite some time which means we can work more efficiently and can concentrate on tasks that are more productive. By collaborating with Protime on a long-term basis we aim to reap the benefits from specialised, flexible and efficient tools. Soon, new developments will allow us to send the details relating to the hours worked to the payroll provider through a computer interface.”