Guide to organisational management for local authorities

Maximum efficiency and transparency
Municipality of Hemiksem

Hemiksem is a municipality in the province of Antwerp The village is part of the Rupel region and is situated on the right-hand bank of the Schelde. Hemiksem has a population of nearly 11,000 inhabitants. Approximately 120 people work directly for the council, and a further 80 people are employed by the OCMW (public centre for social welfare).

Luc Schroyens

The strengths of Protime 360° according to Hemiksem council


Thanks to Protime 360°, communication, interaction and the exchange of information run far more smoothly and more efficiently than before.


The user friendly interface means that everyone can easily compose messages, start projects and provide comments.

Less e-mail

Email traffic is vastly reduced, and the user friendly interface allows everyone to compose messages easily as well as provide comments.

User rights

You can assign each participant in a project specific access rights that match their authority.


The history of all communication and projects is automatically saved. This results in fewer discussions and misunderstandings.

Web application

As web application, Protime 360° is accessible always and everywhere. That means also from your laptop at home, or via your smart phone on the road.

Guide to organisational management

The guide is an instrument that defines the internal control of organisational level or organisation management . It is a detailed guide with objectives regarding organisational management, risks and control measures that can offer support to expand a system of internal control/organisational management.  The council of Hemiksem wanted to ensure that those activities could be carried out more efficiently.

We have tested several tools, and from the start Protime 360° met our requirements nearly completely.
Luc Schroyens, town clerk - chief executive

Tailored to the needs

The previous solutions needed too much customization. Because of this, version management and upgrading among others became problematic. Too little transparency because of the focus on processes. Internal communication did not run smoothly, and too often via email traffic.

For the implementation of this guide in practice the municipality of Hemiksem calls on Protime. “We have tested several tools, and from the start Protime 360° met our requirements nearly completely”, says town clerk Luc Schroyens. “After a meeting with Protime they quickly developed some innovations that mean that today the application is fully tailored to the needs of our employees.

Rina Lauman Luc Schroyens - Municipality of Hemiksem
Rina Lauman and Luc Schroyens

Internal communication

“Organisational management relates in particular to internal communication, and that has improved markedly with Protime 360°. Email traffic has been substantially reduced, and the user friendly interface makes creating messages and giving comments easy for all. And because the history is automatically saved, fewer discussions and misunderstandings occur. And when someone comes back after a week’s holiday, they can be up-to-date in no time.”

Project follow-up and coaching employees

“Protime 360° allows our employees to communicate in a transparent way”, confirms Rina Lauman, who is responsible for organisational management and internal control. “They can also create projects that relate to concrete objectives, and can invite others to take part - even externally. Every participant can make comments at any time and is fully informed throughout.”

Hemiksem also uses Protime 360° for the quarterly evaluation f its employees. Every comment - both positive and negative - is recorded and is visible to all concerned. In the event of an incident between a supervisor and a worker this means that the controller, the technical manager and the town clerk are also aware.

Thanks to Protime 360°, communication and collaboration between employees now runs much more smoothly.
Luc Schroyens, town clerk - chief executive

Opmaak budgetten

“The division between administration and politics is a challenge for every local authority. As town clerk I must ensure that the politicians can conduct their policies, without interfering with the administrative side.  With the use of Protime 360° I can invite them to certain projects. They are then able to comment, but for instance they are not allowed to assign tasks themselves.

The municipality of Hemiksem also relies on Protime 360° for the drawing up of its budgets. While this did not always run smoothly in the past, the new approach now provides a better overview. Town clerk Luc Schroyens: “We work with a fixed framework and with recognizable templates. We can also assign every participant specific access rights that correspond to their authority.”

Because of the implementation of Protime 360°, our employees can communicate much more effectively.
Rina Lauman, responsible organisational management and internal control


Currently, 120 employees in the town hall of Hemiksem make use of Protime 360°. But the platform also takes care of the communication with and between the eighty OCMW employees. In the longer term the integration of Protime 360° will be further developed, to include the drawing up of separate yearly budgets.


Within Protime 360°, logbooks are created for vehicles and materials.  This way we can also closely monitor our contracts with suppliers and customers”, so says Rina Lauman. “Think of due dates, extensions and notice periods. Protime 360° also allows us to check our stocks and cash-flow at any moment. We can even demonstrate that regular checks take place, as required by the guide that was drawn up.”