Projects & Tasks

gain control over your work
Mijn tasks & projects, nicely overviewed in Protime 360°


Being able to organise your own work gives you more autonomy. At the click of a button, you can gain an overview of the tasks that are available to be worked on.  Then you know exactly which tasks need to be completed as well as the deadlines that need to be met.  Protime 360°, helps you to organise your daily work.



Collaboration has never been so easy. All communication is stored centrally.  Select the desired task, give feedback and communicate with the right team members.  You keep them informed through email and they give an immediate response.  A simple email reply is all that’s needed in order to save the response in Protime 360°. It’s good to know that you can delete your emails since all the content is stored safely and centrally!



There’s no need to search for information since  the daily summary informs you of all the recent developments within each project.  Set your preferences and receive customised information including personal priorities and to-do lists. The summary is fully interactive and you can intervene if necessary.


Personal page

Your personal page gives you an overview of the most important projects.  Which tasks have already been completed? Are you meeting all your deadlines? Do you need to quickly intervene or ask for help?  All the information you need is easy to find.

The personal calendar gives you a clear overview of any deadlines and milestones that are approaching. The calendar can be also linked to your email application.