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Road to transparency and structure
Dockx Group

Dockx Group comprises three main branches. Dockx Rental organises the rental of vans and cars, motorcycles and exclusive vehicles. Dockx Logistics takes care of transport over sea, rail, air and the road network as well as warehousing and distribution. Dockx Movers facilitates moves, furniture and archive storage for companies, private persons and industry. The headquarters of the family business is located in Antwerp. Across Belgium are sixteen service shops, some with their own warehouse. The company has 200 employees, 1,200 vehicles and a total business area of 40,000 m². Dockx Group generates a turnover of € 50,000,000.

Joeri Dockx

Dockx’s experience with Protime 360°

Cost savings

“Because we can find information quickly, we save time. Having it all in one place means we are able to centralise our orders.”

Time savings

“The amount of internal mail traffic was getting ridiculous. Now the need for internal mail has gone. For urgent matters, you use the telephone, the rest is handled via Protime 360°.”

Having a birds-eye view

“The information of all departments in one place.”


“You can look up information on your own at all times. The fact that I can forget about my classic task lists is reassuring.”

Better cooperation

“Insight into the individual’s contribution to the project.”


Brother and sister, Joeri and Sarah Dockx are both board members at Dockx Group. Together they implemented a large-scale centralisation. Sarah Dockx: “Our company has several specialities, departments and sites. This is a good thing. But to keep up with the times, we continue to mirror our method of working. Some time ago, we decided to centralise our general services such as IT, insurance, sales and HR to allow a more cautious handling of people and resources.

In short, there is room for synergy. Currently, all service shops are also involved in Protime 360° and this is all going very well. I think this is down primarily to the fact that I have gradually found a way to explain it in simple terms to new users, in the beginning I needed to find my way because it was also relatively new to me. We are increasingly integrating everything, and slowly it is becoming second nature to put as much as possible in Protime 360°.”

Sarah en Joeri Dockx



Joeri Dockx says: “We lacked a total overview of our colleagues’ projects. Sometimes things were done twice or even three times. This had to be improved.” One of the bottlenecks the company was struggling with was an unchecked meeting culture. “Our meetings took too long, we didn’t get to discuss all items on the agenda and our minutes lacked structure.”

While the management was discussing the possibility of a coordinating Intranet, Sales Director Mario De Bruyn remembered a recent lecture about Protime 360°. The management soon came to the conclusion that Protime 360° was the perfect ‘framework’ for the meetings. In September 2013, a test panel launched the application, and later on it was rolled out over the whole company.

Management soon came to the conclusion that Protime 360° was the perfect ‘framework’ for the meetings.
Mario De Bruyn - Sales Director

Rethinking the organisational structure


The new way of working during meetings was an instant success. Joeri Dockx: “We now only discuss the items we put in the system beforehand. And more importantly: we manage to discuss all items on the agenda. Also, the ‘minutes’ are always up to date.” His sister conducted a mini-survey of Protime 360° users. How do they experience the solution? “What strikes me most is that nothing is overlooked. We are all on the ball.”

Protime 360° even stimulates Dockx Group to think about its organisational structure. “There is a growing need for transparency. For instance, we took a closer look at our hiring system and adapted it. All vacancies are now available in Protime 360°.”

We can now deal with things centrally. This saves considerable time, budget and frustration.
Sarah Dockx - Director

Structure and transparency


With Protime 360°, Dockx Group is moving towards a structure with transparency. Step by step. “After the meeting module, we included projects such as maintenance, company clothing, printing, prevention and insurance in Protime 360°. It is a world of difference! Whereas before we had different contacts and suppliers, we can now deal with things centrally. This saves considerable time, budget and frustration” says Sarah Dockx.

The team will soon also involve the sixteen service shops in Protime 360°. The communication about current business, objectives and orders will go through the application. “It will be our first step outside this site.” In this way Dockx continues to develop. “In the future, we want to connect Protime 360° to our own Intranet. New working methods are also a theme for the future. But first things first.”

Sarah Dockx

Sarah Dockx’ tips for implementation

Appoint a number of ambassadors

“You need people to guide the users. I am currently attending a number of meetings and I give advice on the use.”

Put instructions online

“Inspired by Protime, we launched the ‘Dockx Academy’ website. Employees go there for more information and tutorials.”

Involve employees

“We responded to our colleagues feedback by removing certain steps in project documentation. In this way, the application evolves with its users.”