Move away from e-mail

E-mail has overall shortcomings

E-mail is old technology

E-mail remains a fast and handy means of communication, but is hopelessly outdated. The quantity of e-mails, which co-workers need to process every day, takes up more and more time. Anyone who wants to find documents within an e-mail program wastes a lot of time searching. As the quantity of information increases, so e-mail becomes increasingly inefficient.


Influence of social

Based on research by the well-known firm McKinsey, companies with social collaboration platforms can save 30 per cent of the hours that staff spend using e-mail. Systems, which support collaboration are usually based on the technologies of social media, but contain a lot more features. Specific examples of social media, such as Yammer, Twitter and YouTube, are only geared towards knowledge and sharing information and not towards collaboration.  Protime 360° brings these trends together.


Corporate Collaboration

Less e-mail

Thanks to the integration between Protime 360° and e-mail, you collect all your communication in one central location. E-mails are only used as a notification. Responding via e-mail works perfectly well, but you can delete these e-mails... everything is neatly kept in Protime 360°. Information is no longer lost in individual or local mailboxes and folders.


Photo of Joeri Dockx
The amount of internal mail traffic was getting ridiculous. Now the need for internal mail has gone. For urgent matters you use the telephone, the rest is handled via Protime 360°.
Joeri Dockx, Director at Dockx Group