Corporate Memory

Stem the loss of know-know

What is Corporate memory?

Corporate memory includes all knowledge, which is available in the organisation. We digitize information so that we don’t lose knowledge. Yet we are unsuccessful in keeping this information in an easy-to-consult manner. This leads to duplication of effort.


Structured information

Protime 360° structures communication and can be consulted anywhere by your team, in the office or from any location. Gone are the days therefore of untraceable e-mails or locally stored information. What is more, finding information about projects is child’s play thanks to the super-fast search functionality. Copying projects is also a lot more simple.


Stop the brain drain

What happens to the knowledge when an employee leaves or changes position? Will his or her contribution to particular projects result in more efficient decision making in the future? Using the online platform Protime 360° the corporate know-how or the corporate memory is always being consulted. The entire decision-making process complete with comments is easy to consult. That’s an enormous benefit!