Always online

Safe collaboration anywhere

100% cloud

Protime 360° is a 100%-cloud solution. This means you can always access it, wherever and whenever you want to.  All you need is an internet connection. Thanks to its responsive design you can also use your Protime 360° on your tablet and smartphone. Protime 360° is available 24/7.


Free updates

Protime 360° is continuously being updated in line with new standards and requirements. This means that as a user you will receive innovations and updates several times a week. This is without any downtime and while keeping your settings.
The innovations are announced intuitively. A number of pop-ups quickly guide you through the new functions and enhancements. Not via e-mail... we’ve all had enough of that.



Cloud solutions are still sometimes labelled as being insecure. Every year, Protime 360° undergoes external audits by specialist third parties. This ensures that Protime 360° is guaranteed to be secure.