100% control

Create your own processes

Making agreements

Working together successfully and effectively to achieve a particular goal is only successful based on good agreements. With Protime 360° you quickly gain an overview who needs to complete which task and what the progress of the project is.


Setting process steps

Depending on the goal, within a few clicks you can set up a complete workflow. This means that you can rely on your own tried and trusted project approach or you can set up totally new processes. In this way you are not therefore bound to restricted functionality and predefined process steps. With Protime 360° you have 100% control.


Adding team members

The success of a project is wholly dependent on the skills within your team. In Protime 360° therefore it is really simple to add new members to any project. Not only do you select colleagues within your own company, but you can also quickly invite external parties to participate. All team members only see those projects or tasks to which you give them rights.


Allow tasks to evolve into projects

With this flexibility a particular task or idea can grow into a completely new project without losing the link to the original project. In this way you achieve more flexible processes, which can be adapted “on the fly” to any changing situation.  In other words, Protime 360° adapts to you and not the other way around!